Another extraordinary creation from wizarded waste!

robot 2

Another extraordinary creation from wizarded waste!

Robotazia is fortunate to have procured this fine example of what is achievable by being resourceful and inventive.  

Created by Birmingham artist Paul Chancellor.

  This latest creation embodies the art of *assemblage
* (a sculptural technique of organizing or composing into a unified whole a group of unrelated and often fragmentary or discarded objects.)
Another extraordinary creation from wizarded waste! The finished product was a collaboration. Paul created the robot sculpture, which stands 5’10” and primed it in grey, it was then transported to the Cyberigs workshop, where a stand was welded and inserted through the legs and Orange LEDs were added.  It was finished off with a distressed gold effect.   robot robot robot gold robot   Not new to recycling, Paul has created various other astounding pieces totally from junk!

Featured in the Birmingham mail was R2JUNK2   R2JUNK2



Pictured here is another of Pauls astounding creations.           With so much waste being generated by modern society there is never any shortage of fantastic building materials. So look out for more extraordinary Robots winging their way to Robotazia.

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