Audibot Transformer robot concept to reality

Audibot transformers robot

Audibot Transformer robot concept to reality.

The finish and detail on children’s ride on battery cars has significantly improved over the years.  But what happens when they no longer work or the child has lost interest! Many find their way onto auction sites at a fraction of the original cost. Audibot

When I came across these fine examples I couldn’t resist the challenge of creating a Transformer robot, the Audibot!

Even as a child I have taken broken things apart with much enthusiasm. It’s a great way to discover how things work. My parents would never trash anything without first asking me if I wanted parts from it. So much today ends up in landfill when it could be repurposed,  but this mindset has to be taught!   Audi partsSo first up was to strip down the car to its basic parts.  Then the body was dissected into useful panels.     Audibot 2 The feet incorporate various engine and bike parts, this helps with keeping the structure stable. Lighter components were used on the torso which swings back and forth, powered by a windscreen wiper motor. Components used throughout are from various sources, old toys, pressure washer, bike and engine parts, Dysons, scrap metal.    

Slime robotThe head is from a Hotwheels slime robot toy.  

It incorporated a robot voice which I adapted adding a larger speaker.       Audibot Transformers robot activates from an adjustable timer switch,   Now featured in Recyclart —-> Recyclart Audibot

Recyclart Audibot 2

You can see him here outside the Cyberigs Workshop.

Audi tt  

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