Contest winner announced. New robot logo mascot is chosen.

Contest winner

Contest winner announced. New robot logo mascot is chosen.

Firstly we would like to thank all of the artists and designers that submitted an entry into our contest. We were thrilled to see such a diversity of designs. We deliberated long and hard, the final selection has been a difficult one.  Several factors had to be considered.

Below are our top 10 from which we had to chose our winner and five runners up.

Eric Gardener       Captain Benjamin       Lefty sketch design Hamzah Ansari        Paco      Aaron Stein Nathan Ross      Kristine Ibanez Lua     Amnol Pandey So now we get down to the 5 runners up, who each win £20 and get their design displayed on a large canvass at the museum.

First up is Alexander Harrisons design.

We particularly like this one for it’s futuristic cool look. It was a serious contender. Alexander Harrison

The next chosen runner up is Nathan Ross.

His design called Sync has a cute simplicity about it, and reminded us of a BB8 droid. Nathan Ross

This next one is by Sam Shulman of Lefty sketch designs.

Sam paints a range of robots, and we shall be displaying some of his other work at the museum. We particularly liked the expressive face of this one, with the distinctive trademark eyes! Sam Shulman

Our next runner up is Eric Gardener

A fun and cheeky little robot, which really stands out against the grey background. Eric Gardener

And our final runner up is Kristine Ibanez Lua.

Retro styling, we could visualise this as an impressive life size model made from salvaged parts, which works well with our philosophy! Kristine Ibanez Lua

Now to the contest winner.

Winning £100, and the opportunity to display some of their art and a bio of the work at the museum, next to a large print of their design.  Their design also gets used for publicity and merchandise, and shall be created into a life size model.

This is the winning design by Aaron Stein.

We thought this was a fun retro style design, which lends itself well to a variety of applications and should appeal to children and adults. You can see some of his other work here Aaron explains “I was going for a mix of Robbie the Robot (from Forbidden Planet) and a classic toy robot.” Contest winner

So come along to Robotazia and see this robot along with many others.  See some of the other contestants designs too displayed in our art section.


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