Creativity from cardboard. Robotazia has a sector for that!


Creativity from cardboard. Robotazia has a sector for that!

  As a building material, cardboard is hugely underrated.  An extremely versatile material, even used in home furniture, although we may not know it! We see it as boxes, and they are everywhere.  cardboard box If you have the imagination and skill,  there are few limits to what you can create. Here at Robotazia, we embrace all forms of creativity in all mediums, so we have devoted a sector to card and paper craft. You could start with a kit, which comes pre-cut and coloured and just requires assembling, like our 30cm Bumblebee.   bumblebee cardboard If you have a printer, templates are available to printout. These can then be attached to card and you can cut your own.  
But why stop at 30cm! 

Why not create something extraordinary.

          Artist Chris Green does just that, and you will be able to see some of his creations on display at Robotazia. wall-e iron giant transformers creativity     Our Battle droid will be there too.  At first glance you may think it’s constructed from wood, but it is actually a thin card, intricately cut and folded. cardboard droid         You can see him here helping out at home in our kitchen, he cooks up an amazing Beef bourguignon      

We are including our one and only Yslabelle (ees la bell)  in this sector.

She too is made from cardboard.  Around 800 boxes were used, you can find out more about her on the blog page. gold robot If you have crafted a robot, big or small, from cardboard or paper and would like us to feature it at Robotazia, why not get in touch on the contact page. We actively encourage participation and look forward to seeing your creations. Creativity from cardboard. Robotazia has the sector for that!

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