fun little robot collectables by Alastair Fleming

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Fun little robot collectables by Alastair Fleming






Sat on a delayed flight back from Bordeaux awaiting clearance!  Why not I thought write this blog about the amazing talents of artist Alastair Fleming.

This  next couple of weeks will be pretty  hectic for our Robotazia team, with preparations for the forthcoming exhibition, so free time will be scarce.

I first discovered Alastair on Instagram, (@vaguemonkey)  and his talents were clearly evident.

Robots as we know can come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no requirement when designing one to conform to any pattern or plan.
(Lift off, at last)  But sometimes attaining the look you want can be frustrating, and as much as your mind visualises one thing you  end up fumbling your medium into  something else.

Few people coordinate the two into extraordinary art.robotsThat’s what I like about Alastair’s work. He’s got it all about right.

A musician can create a whole album, but from that only have one or two hits! It’s a bit like that building robots.

Some are going to be liked more than others. But with Alastair’s, I like them all!
They are fun, cute, and something you would want to collect. (Here come the Drinks)


So we are very pleased to be displaying them at the Robotazia event in the MK library this winter.

Probably the smallest of our robots there but big on detail.

Come along and take a look at these fun little robot collectables.

Alastair Fleming






Milton Keynes Central Library, 15th December, to end January 2019.


(Bordeaux… an urgent family visit! … Bordeaux France, is the world’s major wine industry capital.  Bordeaux wine has been produced in the region since the 8th century.  There doesn’t appear to be many robots here though! )












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