Our robot explores Milton Keynes for new venue


Our robot explores Milton Keynes for new venue

Following our success at the Milton Keynes Central Library, Robotazia was excited to be announcing news that we were to open a massive robot museum and events centre in the old “Waitrose” building at the food hall in Central Milton Keynes. 

With plans drawn up for a huge robot cafe, robot films cinema, events area with stage, robot shop, robot demonstration area and workshops area.


Sadly we have been informed that the owners are to push forward with the application to demolish the building and build apartments.

angry robot


So we continue our searches….

We have identified some possibilities. 

They are smaller and we may have to downsize our operation from the original plan, cutting the events, workshops and demonstration area for now, and focusing on the robot themed cafe.  More of a Planet Hollywood style with robots.

So still plenty of our exciting robots to see, and Amy the waitress will be there with some new friends.

But we will continue with our investigations.


If you have an idea of where we should investigate next please let us know!


Where ever we finally end up, you can be assured of a unique and exciting Robotazia experience, with lots of new things to see. 

Please share this post with others…. Perhaps someone may have some info on something we have not considered!


See our robot mascot below, as he explores parts of Centre MK.

  • Look out for him again soon in Milton Keynes, as he continues with his reconnaissance.

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