Robot could become president of the United States


Robot could become president of the United States


They seem to be everywhere at the moment.Target Earth

Back in the 50s and 60s speculation was rife that robots would take over in the future, and here we are. 

We’re not quite at the mercy of lumbering metal, ray gun wielding giants that some anticipated,  disturbingly part of me is slightly disheartened about that.  But I have to say, as a child I never imagined they would become quite so darned small!




A piece of our technology now, the size of a postage stamp, back in the mid 40s filled a large shed at Bletchley park…  who could have known! 


So inevitably robots have become small.  Often we don’t know they are there, these microbots! and as they say, it’s the little one’s you need to watch out for!

    But what about the industrial robots? These are big right.  But are they really robots or just mechanical arms? What makes a robot?industrial-robot-arm There are many opinions on this and of course official definitions,  you can Wiki that one!     But most of the general public opinion now and historically has been hugely influenced by science fiction. When I first mentioned to my stepmother we are opening a robot museum, she replied…”Oh are you going to have some of those Daleks!”  So there you have it.  

This raises the question…what do you put in a robot museum, or, what do you leave out?

Thankfully under our umbrella theme of that enchanting word robots, (thank you Karel Čapek),  it is possible to have a fascinating eclectic mix. Meet some of the makers and you realise why. 

We may not have the resources to include Boston Dynamics intelligent supermachines, but who knows down the line…  a robot museum run by robots?

And if they continue to advance as they have in the last 60 years, then in 2078 the face of the president may look quite different…

or would it?

Robot trump      

Dream it,

Theme it,


Article by Mark Swannell

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