Robot Sedgewick steampunk, fresh look from Cyberigs robot workshop

Robot Sedgewick steampunk

Robot Sedgewick steampunk,  sports his new look.

Sedgewick once adorned the garden of an artist in north London.  Made from many recycled car and scrap metal parts. He stands just over 7 feet tall. The weather had taken it’s toll on poor Sedgewick, rust had weakened his ankles, and had eaten through some of the thinner materials.  Below shows Sedgewick lying on the floor of the workshop the first day he arrived. Robot Sedgewick steampunk   It was decided a steampunk look would be quite fitting.  So firstly after a thorough wire brushing, welding to his lower section was carried out, followed by the fitting of various small detailed components. Colours were chosen, and hand painted on, while gold leaf was applied in specific areas. Finally a clear coat of satin lacquer was applied.      

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