Robotazia sign created from waste recycled scrap.

Robotazia sign

Robotazia sign created from waste recycled scrap.

The new sign, measuring 11 feet long has been created from salvaged materials that would have been scrapped.

Many of the metal parts are actually offcuts from metalworking companies.

They have been stitch welded together.

Robotazia sign

The project started by projecting the name, which is in “Space Patrol” font, onto paper at the required scale, then drawing round the images.  This was then used as the template and the metal crafted into shape and welded.

Gradually the small parts were built up to infill the letters.  Finally, it was wire brushed to a shine and given a clear coat of lacquer to prevent it rusting.

The sign will be wall mounted. Each letter projects 5″ from the surface, not so apparent in the photo, but it gives a pleasing unique industrial look, even better when viewed close at hand.


Also, for a closer shot, just showing the word “Robot” take a look at the link below;


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