Science fiction robots, TOP 10- survey results are in!

science fiction robots top 10

Science fiction robots, TOP 10- survey results are in!

Of course in any survey, it depends on who you ask, how many, age groups etc.  We have tried to cover an average in this respect, over quite a time period.  So what do we have? Well, some will be controversial, I will explain later.  But let’s get to it:  


 johnny 5

The lovable Johnny 5, one of my personal favourite science fiction robots comes in at 10.  From the film “Short Circuit“.

Quite a technical achievement in its time. 15 were made for the first movie! But what really made Johnny 5 was his personality. He had a “happy go lucky” nature, brought about by a bolt of lightning.  I have to admit at being distraught at the end of the film, believing he’d been blown up!, but thankfully all was not as it appeared!



B9 robot


“DANGER WILL ROBINSON” Catchphrase of our No 9 entry the B9.

The Robot is a Class M-3, Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot, which had no given name. From the Sci-fi series “Lost in space” which ran from 1965-1968. He’s all bells and whistles this one, and not surprisingly he still has quite a following. Sometimes confused with “Robby the robot”. There is a B9 builders club, the members of which have created some astonishing replicas. There was also a company in the USA manufacturing replica’s under license.    




Enforcement Droid series 209 (ED-209) Our No 8 spot goes to this terrifying droid, from the film Robocop. Quite a disturbing scene at this point in the film. A faceless muscle menace of a robot,  its unearthly gait emphasised by the stop motion animation. Curiously it roars like a lion?  Well, at least it says please!  




A small mobile compactor box with all-terrain treads. Bearing some similarities to Johnny 5, this robot is a cutie. Although the film features another robot (Eve), Wall-e still seems to remain the favourite. He does appear to possess quite a few recognizable human habits and has an upbeat nature, as he goes about his daily duties.  But you can’t help but feel sad for his lonely existence through most of the film. A popular children’s toy. There have also been some superbly detailed life-size models created of him.    



Wait a minute, WHO is this at No 6

Well, this is where the controversy comes in. Is a Dalek a robot?  Many people seem to think so.  I have to admit, I was quite shocked when I first discovered there was a living creature inside. (I’m not talking about the actor!) They have had an incredible run, first appearing in 1963!  With this much public exposure, it is no wonder they have made their mark. So the Daleks get in, squashing the small, ahem.. technicality!  



I say it’s that blingy gold chap C-3po at No 5!

And what a charming, polite character he is. I have often wondered why Lucas films chose a polished gold finish for this humanoid robot. Perhaps influenced by the coating given to most of Nasa’s space equipment. Rarely seen without his sidekick R2-D2, the pair worked well together. Now seemingly superseded by the lesser known K-2SO.  


Robby the robot


Robby the robot.

First appearance 1956! This makes Robby the oldest robot in this survey, but what a classic. From the film “the forbidden planet” then later appearing in many TV shows he was quite a celebrity. There were many tin toy copies made of different colour variants, and you can buy life size versions of these in the UK! Thankfully the original Robby still survives in the US, having undergone a thorough restoration by William Malone.  


iron man


It’s a suit at No 3?

Again can we technically include this as a robot, when Mr Stark operates it from within? Well, there are some scenes where Iron man suits operate alone, so these could be classed as robots. Either way, Iron man gets a mention frequently, so he is here in our survey.  


optimus prime

The agility of these Autobots defies physics.

And their leader at No 2 is Optimus prime. Transformers really came to the fore in the first movie that hit the cinemas back in 2007.  Thanks to the brilliance of CGI we can sit and gawp in wonder at these humongous creations as they do battle with their enemy the Decepticons. Very popular robots, with Bumblebee appearing to be most children’s favourite. There are some superb sculptures made of these from recycled car parts.  


 terminatorSurprisingly at no 1 we have… the Terminator – T800

The T800 played the part of Arnold Schwarzenegger… or was it the other way round?. The first film was launched in 1984, the start of a very successful franchise. Still hugely popular with toys, skulls, even life-size statues available to purchase. So how do you stop such a determined killing machine?  well, with the T1000 of course! … or maybe not!  One thing is for sure, you do not want to mess with this cybernetic android, or he WILL take your clothes, your boots, and your motorbike!     Science fiction robots. top10.   Article by – Mark Swannell. Thanks to all involved and special Robotazia green team member 1    

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