Star wars E-3PO gone rogue – climbs on roof of van!


Star wars E-3PO –

Distinquishable by their silver finish. E-3PO units were a subset of the 3PO-series protocol droid line. Developed for Imperial use. E-3PO units would often exhibit a superior attitude, and haughty behaviour. Our unit appears to have inherited these traits along with insubordination. Not one to stand in line, he is frequently caught getting up to mischief. Star wars E-3PO       But really… where did this begin?     E-3PO head It started with a fibreglass kit, which normally when formed creates a sentry type standing figure.

We wanted our droid to be a bit more adventurous,  to get out and about, see the world…

well, the UK at least!   What better way to do this than from the roof of our 2RSB. (raptorised robot shuttle bus) For this he would require a substantial frame or skeleton inserted through every limb, and terminating in each corner with a suitable attachment. He has to be able to withstand wind speeds of well over 70mph!   E-3PO kit     E-3PO kit 2     E-3PO kit 3 This was fabricated and welded, with threaded rod welded in various places to bolt each limb to the frame.  Cable was passed though from his foot to his head lighting his LED eyes. It routes through the tailgate and can be switched from the cab. All voids were filled with filler foam and dummy circuit boards and wiring added for effect.  He was spray coated silver, then had an all over coat of clear gloss.  Locking wheel nuts are positioned just below his feet to make sure he doesn’t go astray!

Peak view tearoom

Here he is admiring the spectacular views

on a stopover at Peak view tearooms

  Mark Swannell explains a bit more in the Star wars E-3PO video below…  

So keep an eye out for him! If you should see him, take a pic and hashtag it #see3po


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