Tronic Sci-fi space robot. Rust don’t live here anymore.

Tronic Sci-fi space robot

Tronic Sci-fi space robot.  Rust don’t live here anymore.

We found Tronic stored away at an industrial unit in Lowestoft. Forlorn and rusting, his days of wowing children outside an activity centre were long past. Custom made, one of a kind, he is an interesting specimen. Hidden away beneath the Sci-fi space age exterior, lies a sturdy series of mechanisms. A powerful induction motor drives a cam, which rotates his body and head in an unearthly manner. Back at the workshop he had a full strip down.  The panels were all sound, just requiring a good wash down. The eye bulbs were replaced with blue LEDs.  The mechanisms were tightened and greased and all exterior metal was re-surfaced with abrasive discs and painted. Finally he was spray coated with clear lacquer. He is now running smooth as silk and the silver surface gleams.

You can watch a full video of his restoration at the bottom of the about page.

I am sure he will be pleased to be resuming his children entertaining duties at Robotazia.

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